We Still Love You, FAILBlog!

image courtesy of failblog.org

image courtesy of failblog.org

Every once in awhile, even one of our favorite sites gets something not-quite-right, which happened recently with FAILBlog.org. If you aren’t familiar with FAILBlog, it’s a pretty awesome site that points out the randomly ridiculous through pictures for readers to enjoy and comment on. For example, a recent Nursery Fail showcases an unfortunate placement of a gun rack just to the left of a baby crib, while a personal favorite of mine, Supplement Name Fail, is a classic in the ‘that doesn’t quite translate’ realm of things! The site is without a doubt one of the funniest on the web, regularly cranking out all manner of the accidentally hilarious. But when our brick-and-mortar store, PHAG, was featured for an Acronym Fail, FAILBlog missed the mark. We kinda know that phag is full of meanings, and state such on Our Company Home Page.

In short, PHAG is for everyone. We welcome each and every member of our community, and each and every person that walks through our doors or finds their way to our web site, with open arms. It’s a phantastic, phabulous world of different people, different views, different everything really! And we love every second of the uniqueness each of us brings to the table.

We want to thank all of the wonderful people that jumped to our defense in the comments and clarified that our acronym is a far cry from a fail. You’ve proven to us once again that friends of PHAG are the best friends anyone can hope for, and that you’re onboard with the journey to a more accepting world right along with us, even if the voice that calls for that acceptance is sometimes an unpopular one. We also want to thank FAILBlog for the publicity – there’s no such thing as bad press! And we want them to know that they haven’t lost a reader either, we’re not a group to hold a grudge. :)

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